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The Organizational Culture as a Driver of Business Growth: A Comprehensive Approach

Madersson Fabian Losada ,
Madersson Fabian Losada

Corporación unificada nacional de educación superior – CUN. Florencia , Colombia

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The research article examines the influence of organizational culture on business growth through three interconnected dimensions: elements of organizational culture, internal culture, and external culture. It highlights that organizational culture, composed of shared values, beliefs, norms, and behaviors, defines a company's identity and affects its ability to innovate, adapt, and compete in the global market. It analyzes how organizational culture influences strategic decision-making, human resource management, and external relations. The conclusion drawn is that a solid and well-managed organizational culture is a key differentiator that drives performance, productivity, and adaptability in a company, significantly contributing to its continued growth and success in a dynamic and competitive business environment

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Losada MF. The Organizational Culture as a Driver of Business Growth: A Comprehensive Approach. SCT Proceedings in Interdisciplinary Insights and Innovations [Internet]. 2024 Apr. 7 [cited 2024 Jun. 16];2:237. Available from:

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