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Practices to obtain organic eggs

Paula Andrea Álzate Hernandez ,
Paula Andrea Álzate Hernandez

Corporación unificada nacional de educación superior – CUN. Florencia, Colombia

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With this practical search, it provides improved organic techniques to produce quality eggs intended to satisfy the needs of families, organic foods are implemented that are part of their diet such as corn, banana, sugar cane, hatchery, among others. They are harvested on the farm for personal and animal use, which helps minimize the purchase of concentrates, which are made from chemical derivatives that do not meet the necessary requirements to obtain quality eggs. This organic food practice contributes to improving both the internal appearance and external characteristics of the eggs, it is important to mention that all the processes from the selection of genetics in hens that adapt to our climatic, economic and productive conditions, the housing of the birds, their vaccines and their well-being are fundamental for the production of eggs. quality. The use of free-range systems ensures that hens do not suffer from physical shock and stress in their sheds, which in turn improves their well-being and increases the frequency and quality of the eggs they lay

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