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History as an instrument of empowerment, the case of CORESA

Silvia Elizabeth Marelli ,
Silvia Elizabeth Marelli

INDES, UNSE, CONICET. Santiago del Estero. Argentina

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To understand where we are today, it is necessary to review the past" this phrase has been the starting point of the workshops that have been given with the purpose of providing theoretical tools (social exclusion, urban marginality and environmental degradation) to the Informal recyclers comrades who are part of the pre-cooperative CORESA (Community of Recoverers of Santiago del Estero). The main premise to incorporate the workshop called "History of the Carton Movement" in the training cycle has been to discuss and reflect among all members of CORESA the historical events that have delineated the emergence of public policies that favor the movement, such as the one implemented in recent years around the Inclusive Integrated Management of Solid Urban Waste

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