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Entrepreneurial culture in students and graduates of the CUN university, Neiva headquarters

García Peñaloza John Edisson ,
García Peñaloza John Edisson

Corporación unificada Nacional de educación superior – CUN

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Johanna Luceni Loaiza Vera ,
Johanna Luceni Loaiza Vera

Corporación Universitaria del Huila

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Norma Constanza García Peñaloza ,
Norma Constanza García Peñaloza

Corporación Universitaria Minuto de Dios

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Higher education institutions play an important role in the construction of knowledge, economic activation and the promotion of entrepreneurship, globalization requires that Universities articulate strategies with the state and the company, this in order to join forces to promote initiatives that contribute to strengthening the economies of the regions. In the case of the department of Huila, the different institutions, the Chamber of Commerce, the Mayor's Office of Neiva, the Government, companies, public and private universities meet in work groups to build a business ecosystem that allows strengthening the productive units and in this way contribute to employment generation

This article is built thanks to the cooperation of students and graduates of the national unified corporation of higher education CUN regional Neiva, these entrepreneurs have developed entrepreneurial ideas addressing different economic activities. Carrying out fieldwork within their organizations allowed for a perfect understanding of the entrepreneurial culture they develop in their daily lives.

The developed research aims to characterize and identify the business realities presented by students and graduates. The enterprises selected in a large percentage are legally constituted, but informal enterprises were also selected in the sample, this facilitated the understanding of the role that the CUN plays in the management of entrepreneurship, the description of the entrepreneurial culture will allow the university to strengthen its role. in promoting entrepreneurship and identifying shortcomings in academic training

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John Edisson GP, Loaiza Vera JL, García Peñaloza NC. Entrepreneurial culture in students and graduates of the CUN university, Neiva headquarters. SCT Proceedings in Interdisciplinary Insights and Innovations [Internet]. 2024 May 13 [cited 2024 Jul. 18];2:307. Available from:

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